Reconnecting with my spirit, I move gracefully into the future, dusting off a myriad of dreams too long forgotten.
So many things I always planned to do "someday". If "someday" isn't now, then when?

02 October 2010

Need a bike trailer!

(photo courtesy of Jon Russell Hanson)

I rode to the nearby grocery last night, and forgot to attach my basket to the bike. I keep it off as it's difficult to get this bike on the bus with the basket attached.

Purchased heavy package of drinks, dogfood, etc. and then turned around and realized the basket wasn't there. What a stack I had on the back rack... turned a corner and there it went!

But believe it or not, I am having fun with this!

I do believe that age has something to do with my attitude, because if I was still in that place where I cared what people thought, I probably wouldn't be doing this.

I'm alone in my own little bubble when I'm riding, when I'm struggling with groceries, and back ache and sore legs. It's become my personal achievement, day after day. I'm focused just on me, and I can tell I'm stronger. Nice!

I had these feelings back when I was running everyday. I wouldn't want to run now, but am so content that bike riding has given me this peace again.