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So many things I always planned to do "someday". If "someday" isn't now, then when?

16 October 2010

Greasy Hands

Yesterday I rode my bike finally to the bus stop, not a good exercise week as friends gave me rides (against my will I might add!) and I was a total sloth . . . All went well with the bike to the bus stop, and when I got off the bus to ride the short trip to work, the chain came off again! I didn't realize it at first, but I was really peddling and going no where fast!

So I put the kickstand on, and got the chain back on the bike. My new $10 sweater (cheap but looks nice) got stuck and ripped a thread or two but I made it to work. I walked in with a ripped sweather and very black and greasy hands. I personally think I should have a "Bike Reality Show" so someone  can capture my daily adventures.

I was wearing my new heels too,  what a sight!

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