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08 October 2010

My new bike route

I rode my new bike route this week, 3.3 miles instead of 1.0 coming home. The only problem is getting across the highway from the bus stop, can you imagine a bus stop and then no way to cross easily? Traffic has a right hand turn, so I need to cross that piece in order to take a left across the highway. (I do walk it when I cross major streets). The first time I walked my bike on the slanted island, the 2nd time I decided to stay on the bike, but alas, I lost my balance and slowly tipped over onto the island.

It was my backpack, the laptop alone weighs 10# and then there was other stuff I was hauling home. It's weight just took me down. But I got back up, scratched my hand but didn't break anything this time and headed home. I can ride almost all the way without walking the bike, there is a steady incline. That last block before I hit my home street is a killer so I walk that piece. I looked down and saw that my left leg was bleeding, not sure what I did. When I got home it appeared that I had 3 vertical slices down the inside of my left leg just above my ankle. Hot washcloths and peroxide washed off the grease and it didn't look so bad after that. I guess I caught the peddle.

I've never been one to hurt myself but there is some sort of tomboy feeling going on these days. I really enjoyed running 26 years ago, but I would walk a lot too. I can't be a slacker on the bike though, it's just as difficult to walk it as it is to ride it, probably easier to ride.

My calorie count has gone way up! 
It's not easy to ride on Wednesdays as I work from home on that day. Weekends are not good for long trips either, as I have a child at home and she gets lonely. We spend time together as much as we can. 


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