Reconnecting with my spirit, I move gracefully into the future, dusting off a myriad of dreams too long forgotten.
So many things I always planned to do "someday". If "someday" isn't now, then when?

16 May 2012

Come visit at Joi Designs

Well it's been a crazy life, but I have surfaced again. Here is the last post on this blog.Please visit me at Joi Designs to see what's happening.

18 July 2011

Toe Up Socks - 2 at a Time

I had to start the toes over a few times, but I'm on my way now. Increasing 12 stitches per side to 32 stitches per side. These size #1 needles are very tiny but I really like this kind of knitting.

I wound the ball the other night (wish I had taken a picture of the tangled yarn). I'm knitting from both ends, just a little patience and it's not too difficult to keep it from becoming tangled. I prefer this to having two balls of yarn.

17 July 2011

Un-knitting, tangled yarn and motorcycles

Well I've been busy since December. I still ride my bike and catch the bus everywhere and do not want a car. I actually get car sick now, the roof is just too close to my head. I love being outside. The whole idea of making another car payment, plus insurance and repairs - close to $400/month - not even counting gasoline. I want one of these new trikes, to ride outside for longer distances and into the mountains - camping and fishing!

I have been knitting quite a bit, and un-knitting even more. Now I am a semi-pro at socks and just finished my 2nd pair. I will get some pictures up soon, as I find myself un-knitting and unraveling tangled masses of yarn all the time. Such a simple life.

So last night I opened a skein of "Socks that Rock" in Raspberry Moose, placed it around the base of my laptop instead of having someone hold it for me, and started rolling my ball.  At some point while I was rolling and watching Green Wing, the yarn slipped off the computer and landed on the floor in a tangled mess. This is a 360 yard skein - that's 1080 feet!

I finished winding the ball around 4:00 am this morning - it's gorgeous!

The sock pattern is called "Tangled Faeries"

Now I am casting the toe stitches on a size 1 needle and am on the 4th try.

If you find yourself stressing about the time and your anal perfectionism, you really should consider taking up bike riding and knitting. It' absolutely impossible for me to hurry anymore, nor be perfect. What a change and what a relaxing relief!

Knitting Serenity will start weekly knitting get togethers by the end of the month, and the Sock Knitting Classes will come soon after.

11 December 2010

No posts?

I have not posted in a month!

I have been SO busy at work, created a 5' x 3' poster for a big seminar, mastered Adobe Illustrator to accomplish this. Got a roommate, but on the day the space was viewed the basement flooded, so have been really busy there.

Riding bike like crazy, maintaining weight loss, and coming up with a new business.

Still dealing with sciatica, can't wait until Friday night, come home and take meds and a glass of wine. Can't do this during the week as it messes with my bike coordination. TGIF!

Will write details soon . . .

10 November 2010

Week 3

I just love my bike! Walking actually uses less calories and it's harder. I can almost make it up the hill when I take the long way home. I have to walk about 1 block, but I've been finding out that if I just stop and catch my breath, which can take a few minutes, I can get back on and continue.

It's starting to get cold and wet. Rides are offered so I don't have to ride in the cold and rain, but I really want to. I am not stuck in the wilderness and if it's just too much, I can take the short way home, or duck into a shelter and call for a taxi. I have a very heavy jacket and boots, so when it's just too much for the bike, I'll walk. I really enjoy being outside.

02 November 2010

Week 2

Oops - should have taken just one more bike ride,  but my sciatica was just too bad, drugged up and resting on Saturday and Sunday, although I did ride 6.5 miles to the pharmacy on Saturday to get pain meds.

25 October 2010

20 October 2010

New Plan

I had several plans to choose from, and I've chosen the one that starts where the other one ended.

The purpose of DirectLife is to make you aware of your activities, and to increase your activity level in a comfortable manner. I'll keep increasing my work bike route as I need to.

19 October 2010

Yeah - I completed my 12-week Direct Life Plan and hit my goals!


I've been knitting this whole time, the white shrug needs seaming on the sides, I understand that there are many projects sitting in baskets all around the world waiting for seaming. Something I need to tackle head on and figure out!

I've made one white fingerless mitten, but don't like how it turned out, so I'll probably do it again. The ribbing is just too loose around the arm at K3, P2 like the shrug. I'll redo in K1P1 and make two this time.

My maroon shrug is almost done too, and I've almost completed the first fingerless mitt for this one. I also need to make ear warmers for each.

Walking to the bus to the bus the other day, my ears got so cold they were very painful. I rode the bus with my fingers in my ears for about 10 minutes trying to warm them up. The rest of my body was hot from just wearing a sweater in the 35+ weather. Walked a mile that morning.

The Bike Saga is over - GYPSI is doing just fine!

Crazy isn't it? To be so possessed by one thing for so long? Well it's over, Gypsi is riding just fine, shifts really nice and I made it home.

I was instructed, yes instructed, by the guys at the bike shop to NEVER let Bernie near my bike again, and to come in right away even if I just hear a rattle. Never lay it on the derailleur and watch how I put it underneath the bus.
University Bicycles: Bohemia, Colorado
They showed me how to bungee cord the front tire to the frame after I turn it backwards so it's more manageable getting it on or into the bus. All is well!

16 October 2010


I added Twitter today . . . see it in the right hand column.


Today we walked to the bus, bused to the library and I got several books on knitting and bike repair! I figured it couldn't hurt.

Greasy Hands

Yesterday I rode my bike finally to the bus stop, not a good exercise week as friends gave me rides (against my will I might add!) and I was a total sloth . . . All went well with the bike to the bus stop, and when I got off the bus to ride the short trip to work, the chain came off again! I didn't realize it at first, but I was really peddling and going no where fast!

So I put the kickstand on, and got the chain back on the bike. My new $10 sweater (cheap but looks nice) got stuck and ripped a thread or two but I made it to work. I walked in with a ripped sweather and very black and greasy hands. I personally think I should have a "Bike Reality Show" so someone  can capture my daily adventures.

I was wearing my new heels too,  what a sight!

12 October 2010

A one mile walk in the rain - nice!
Haven't had time to check out bike yet. It's raining, will walk today.

11 October 2010

Bernie: Day 3 [cont.]

Bernie came by today and worked on my bike. He took the plastic shield off and the chain came right out. He is used to working on "high end" racing  bikes, which have different parts. [He said the type that cost $1000 just for the frame!) I told him it was good though, as he can just figure out how to work on mine. If I ever get a flat tire, he will have to show me how to fix it. Really nice guy, spent 1.5 hours working on the derailuer as the chain kept slipping, and the brake is off center, and only charged me $20. He said it's not "perfect" yet and that I should ride it and report back to him. Well, car repairs used to cost about $400 at a time, so I feel fine about this.

It's also nice to know that he is mobile and will come over to help next time there's a bike problem.

Bernie: Day 3

It's 6:15 am and Bernie is due in about an hour. To be continued . . .

10 October 2010

Stuck bike chain: Day 2

I've been sporadically working on my bike chain, trying not to break it and create a bigger problem. My hands are dark grey with grease. And I'm so patiently frustrated, as it's raining really gently today and there are many people out biking. We walked to the store and they were everywhere . . . except for me.

I looked up "Mobile Bike Repair" and found Bernie. He will come by early in the morning to take off the derailleur and rescue the stuck chain. I called the bike shop and they told me how to do it, but I would need a special tool. Bernie will cost $20-$40 for the house call. I could have bought the tools and a good repair book for that, but not this time.

The chain is stuck between the large gear and the plastic plate.

Stuck bike chain: Day 1

I've had a loose bike chain for the last few weeks, but haven't found the time to get to the bike shop which is deep in town. Well, it slipped yesterday and got stuck. Today I will try to figure out how to fix a stuck bike chain. I like the hands on aspect of this whole project, and would rather learn to fix this myself than pay someone. We'll see how far I get without breaking the chain.

For right now I'm grounded!

08 October 2010

My new bike route

I rode my new bike route this week, 3.3 miles instead of 1.0 coming home. The only problem is getting across the highway from the bus stop, can you imagine a bus stop and then no way to cross easily? Traffic has a right hand turn, so I need to cross that piece in order to take a left across the highway. (I do walk it when I cross major streets). The first time I walked my bike on the slanted island, the 2nd time I decided to stay on the bike, but alas, I lost my balance and slowly tipped over onto the island.

It was my backpack, the laptop alone weighs 10# and then there was other stuff I was hauling home. It's weight just took me down. But I got back up, scratched my hand but didn't break anything this time and headed home. I can ride almost all the way without walking the bike, there is a steady incline. That last block before I hit my home street is a killer so I walk that piece. I looked down and saw that my left leg was bleeding, not sure what I did. When I got home it appeared that I had 3 vertical slices down the inside of my left leg just above my ankle. Hot washcloths and peroxide washed off the grease and it didn't look so bad after that. I guess I caught the peddle.

I've never been one to hurt myself but there is some sort of tomboy feeling going on these days. I really enjoyed running 26 years ago, but I would walk a lot too. I can't be a slacker on the bike though, it's just as difficult to walk it as it is to ride it, probably easier to ride.

My calorie count has gone way up! 
It's not easy to ride on Wednesdays as I work from home on that day. Weekends are not good for long trips either, as I have a child at home and she gets lonely. We spend time together as much as we can. 


02 October 2010

Need a bike trailer!

(photo courtesy of Jon Russell Hanson)

I rode to the nearby grocery last night, and forgot to attach my basket to the bike. I keep it off as it's difficult to get this bike on the bus with the basket attached.

Purchased heavy package of drinks, dogfood, etc. and then turned around and realized the basket wasn't there. What a stack I had on the back rack... turned a corner and there it went!

But believe it or not, I am having fun with this!

I do believe that age has something to do with my attitude, because if I was still in that place where I cared what people thought, I probably wouldn't be doing this.

I'm alone in my own little bubble when I'm riding, when I'm struggling with groceries, and back ache and sore legs. It's become my personal achievement, day after day. I'm focused just on me, and I can tell I'm stronger. Nice!

I had these feelings back when I was running everyday. I wouldn't want to run now, but am so content that bike riding has given me this peace again.

WOW - 1054 calories burned!

Didn't start my new bike route yesterday as I had an errand to run. But it was still far from home. Walked and biked all the way home, didn't take any short bus trips to get there. Direct Life assumes you are walking, but I am able to tell it I was really biking, and chose "moderate level" although I was huffing and puffing and hot and dripping. But it certainly paid off!

The early morning rides are to the bus stop, and from bus to work.Then in the afternoon from work to bus stop, and then home again.

September results with my Direct Life Monitor

The 12-week plan increases your goal every week. 
I made it to 100% for the month of September!

01 October 2010

I made a left hand turn signal this morning without tipping over!

25 September 2010

I'm in LOVE with Orson Wells

Orson Wells was the speaker on "Mercury Theatre on the Air". What a voice!

I just finished listening to Rebecca (December 9, 1938). I just love old movies, black & white movies, old clothing, old speak, such a simple life then. The time is heavy with romance, deep sighs and intense feelings. 

So few words were necessary back then, so much drama... I can imagine their faces, their clothing, the countryside... the big old dark homes, so much wood and windows, so much land and trees...  so many gardens... 

We have been watered down, everything is about sex, having sex, looking sexy, smelling sexy, thinking sexy...  in the old days there was so much time, and having a partner meant so much more, they were a team. 

I love being pulled back in time, when your suitor in a top hat arrived in his horse & buggy and came calling. So much romance!

Tune into Mercury Theatre and get your dose of nostalgia.

20 September 2010

This is not always fun!

So the honeymoon period is wearing off on occasion . . . biking and walking everywhere is not so easy on some days. I do get tired, all I can do is keep thinking that this is good for me and I'm burning calories and getting stronger.

Exactly why there can't be a car. I have outsmarted my reluctance to exercise, and have forced myself to do same. Getting to work, the drugstore or running errands, I need to move my body and expend energy. Feels good most of the time.

I am on a high-protein diet, and before you start telling me how bad that is for me, let me tell you that it's really good for me and my digestion system. I try to not eat any carbs at all, then when I need some it's okay. Now when I want that pastry, I can think how difficult it was to bike yesterday, and not null that effort by eating stuff I don't need right now..

This works for me and it's a natural way for me to eat. When I was younger I never ate pasta, bread or potatoes, just meat, fish, pork, poultry, sea food and veggies. Except for that year in high school when I only ate french fries and drank chocolate milk and kept my figure and my clear skin. Irritated everyone!

It's the cave man diet, ever read "Clan of the Cave-bear"?

Motivation tip of the day: I just catch a glimpse of myself in the store window .. . knowing that I will be tickled pink at that image soon enough. I want it to be sooner, not later . . . another motivating factor.
I didn't ride my bike this weekend, I walked everywhere with my daughter. This morning I just got on it and rode the one block up the hill that I usually walk! Then rode to the bus like I knew what I was doing!

18 September 2010

The Perfect Diet for me!

I have lost 15# as of today!
25# to go!
Today my BMI reach a "normal" state. HOORAY!

I am busy, and just want to sew or watch movies when I get home. I own most of the exercise videos that you've seen on TV. I am a collector of exercises, but have not been willing to actually use them regularly. It's always "tomorrow I'll get started." So when my car needed repairs at 180,000 miles, a life-changing decision was made. The weather was nice, one child still at home and she doesn't like to leave the house. I have never really liked to drive into work in the traffic (45+ years), so I didn't repair my car. I've made a pact with myself not to get another car until I reach my weight goal!

Rule #1: LOSE the car!

The BBW Diet:

Bike ~ Bus ~ Walk

I have been walking to the bus stop (1 mile), taking the bus to work, walking to work (10 minutes), and coming home again the same way. It was so hard in the beginning - 1 mile seemed so far. Then I added a bike to the equation, I've never had a bike before so there are a lot of muscles waking up.

26 years ago saw the end of my running 1-5 miles a day (8 minute miles), and dancing 3-4 times a week, AND weighing 110# dripping wet!
Last year I purchased a Direct Life Monitor from Phillips
I wore it diligently - it kept telling me that I was not burning any calories, driving, working, even running around the house cleaning. Direct Life visually shows me how I'm doing. And some exercise doesn't burn as many calories as you would think. So Direct Life gives me awareness! No more thinking "I've done enough for today" Not if I truly have a goal to get fit and lose weight.

It shows me my progress with all kinds of charts that break down into hours if you want.

I was walking every once in a while at lunchtime, and finally decided that I was going to walk EVERY day! Well that Monday, determined to do this every single day, I went on my lunchtime walk with a friend. Within 5 minutes I stepped on some melted snow that was muddy. My thought right before that was about getting my new walking shoes muddy, but I didn't care, so kept going.

Up in the air I went, twisted my ankle! I was so determined that we continued on our 30 minute walk. Three days later when my ankle was grotesquely swollen, and very black I decided to go to the doctor. I had 3 broken bones in my ankle, they were shocked that I had been walking on it. Immediate crutches, boot, etc. etc. etc. I almost had surgery but new doctor decided to put it off.

Ankle finally became okay about 10 weeks later, so I started walking as the car was gone by then. Now the knee goes out, unbalanced leg and still wearing the shoes I was injured in. One of those shoes hadn't been worn for 10 weeks so I was really unbalanced. Purchased new Reebok walking shoes, and carried ice packs in my backpack for immediate attention when my knee was painful. That knee pain was worse than my ankle had ever been!

Finally my knee got better.

WOW - when I started walking with spirit, the numbers went way up!

14 September 2010

The Crone

I found this picture on the internet many, many moons ago. She drew me in, I loved her instantly and saw her beauty and wisdom. I didn’t understand what the attraction was but I do now. It’s more of a feeling that is beyond words for me. This picture is actually a mask, and I’ve searched and searched the internet and can’t find it anywhere. So glad I copied it!

I’ve always been attracted to Goddesses, but never really connected. Then when my two oldest grandchildren (ages 8 and 1 at the time) went to live with their mother, I assumed it was forever. I had them both since their births, with a few trips back and forth.

So I set out to start my life, and started taking midwifery classes. The first several weeks of classes were about the beginning of time, and how women were healers and persecuted as the men thought they were black majik incarnate.

A few months later, the kids came back and stayed, and then their little sister was born a few years later at 2.5# and 11”, 3 months early. So I did not pursue the idea of goddesses and healers.

Now I've begun to realize the wonderfulness of being older and wiser and intend to move through this new phase of my life and appreciate the power of woman. It’s time to get grounded in our heritage, in life itself. I’ve been so busy doing what I needed to do, being who I needed to be, now I am going to find me!

"Those of us who choose to name ourselves Crone do so to raise consciousness around issues of aging. Paradoxically, at the beginning of the 21st century, the ancient Wise Woman Crone archetype is emerging within women all over the world. We are beginning to realize that this third and crowning stage of female life (the one our culture throws away) is more authentic, creative, outrageous, powerful, funny, healing and profound than we ever imagined." [Helen Redmen: Birthing the Crone]

12 September 2010

11 September 2010

Upcoming Topics

I just love the Tree Of Life!

There are so many things I want to write about, but I still have laundry and dishes to do. So I'll list them here as I remember those things I want to pay attention to again.

   Sherlock Holmes
    Moulin Rouge
    Fairies & Gnomes
    Wood Spirits

    10 September 2010

    Knitting for me . . .

    All my life I have collected patterns for knitting. I would buy cheap yarn in bulk in anticipation of working on a project. I finally made myself stop buying knitting magazines as they were piling up in the corners. So many dreams and plans, so many kids, so many work hours, so many responsibilities . . .

    Well I'm back! . . . and collecting patterns again! This time it's Addi needles, high quality yarn and I've just purchased a beautiful Victorian stitch marker and row counter set. On my "Knitting for me . . ." page are unusual knit Shrug patterns that I've found. If you find anything like these, please let me know. I am knitting these shrugs for myself to keep me warm in my old age. Of course, I may never make all of these patterns but I do love finding them and looking at them. This is art to me.

    Many years with troubled kids . . . lots of therapy . . . and the therapist always said "and what are you doing for yourself?" I wasn't unhappy back then, too busy to be unhappy . . .

    So now, this is what I'm doing for myself. Knitting is one of those things that I always wanted time to do. Now I ride the bus and knit for 1/2 hour going to work, and 1/2 hour coming home. Just too good to be true!!

    09 September 2010

    What's it all about?

    I am metamorphosing from one life time to another. It feels familiar, I think I've done this before. I want to capture my gentle aging process for my own to know later. I don't feel "old", and I'm not sure that 61 is old. What is old anyhow? I want to be healthy and happy. I believe if you can keep the body, then you can stay. I haven't worked too hard on keeping the body, although it's been very healthy.

    So now I am working on the body. There are aches and pains, but I will fight them and not let them get in my way. I will exercise on purpose. When I was younger, sex and dancing kept me in balance. Then I was taking care of so many, but that's behind me now.

    It's not just the exercise, I really love being outside. I love not having to hurry to work as my hours are flexible, I love being able to get myself somewhere on my own steam power. I don't believe it was such an accomplishment when I was driving.

    I rode for several miles today, to avoid the hassle of putting the bike on the bus. It's a freedom, not quite explainable yet, but it gives me power and confidence . . .

    . . . and a soreness throughout my back, and it made me sweat, and my dislocated thumb is aching. I do feel alive though and ordered a new ice pack for the hand today. I'm building up quite a collection!


    Made my mother fudge tonight, she's 83 and loves it. The recipe comes from my long ago mother-in-law. Basic fudge, just right temp and beat, beat, beat! Addictive! I will FedEx it to her tomorrow so she'll have it by the weekend.

    Why a Blog?

    I am changing my life style dramatically. It's possible that no one is noticing, but I am feeling it. Maybe you will read this and realize that your life is just beginning!

    The difference between now and before is I have more time to myself, different priorities, and I've become a collector of all kinds of specialized ice bags that conform to different parts of my body. For the first time in my life, I broke my ankle, suffered with a very painful knee brought on by the broken ankle, and most recently dislocated my thumb when I dropped my bike (see below). This is because I haven't been active in 26 years and have decided to get healthy and fit no matter what.

    I have just purchased my first bike ever, and am learning to ride it. I take it everywhere with me, have learned to put it on the front of the bus and under the bus. I am walking 1-2 miles a day, now bike some of it, and then walk the bike if it seems more comfortable (hills & traffic).

    I have stopped driving until I lose the 40# that snuck up on me since I stopped running at night and dancing on other nights. That started about 26 years ago when I started accumulating grandchildren (3) which I adopted all of them in the 1990's. This was after I raised my 3 children. In Oklahoma back then, it was barefoot and pregnant at the age of 15.

    I have taken up knitting again on the bus ride into work and then home again - 30 minutes both ways. What a nice change from sitting behind the steering wheel in traffic! I have a theory that you only see old ladies knitting because they are probably finishing a project they started when they were younger and never had time to finish. Knitting does require quiet time, with no interruptions. It's meditation with a mantra "knit 1, 2, 3 . . . purl 1, 2 . . . knit 1, 2, 3 . . ."
    Impossible with constant requests for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

    Yes, life has slowed down, just can't rush when you're not driving - the bus keeps it's own schedule, you can only walk and bike so fast. I just love it!

    Of course haven't had to deal with rain and snow yet . . .

    08 September 2010

    Well, isn't Bohemia a place where everyone is as good as everyone else—and must not a waiter be a little less than a waiter to be a good Bohemian?

    bohemian definition

    A descriptive term for a stereotypical way of life for artists and intellectuals. According to the stereotype, bohemians live in material poverty because they prefer their art or their learning to lesser goods; they are also unconventional in habits and dress, and sometimes in morals.
    The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition