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11 October 2010

Bernie: Day 3 [cont.]

Bernie came by today and worked on my bike. He took the plastic shield off and the chain came right out. He is used to working on "high end" racing  bikes, which have different parts. [He said the type that cost $1000 just for the frame!) I told him it was good though, as he can just figure out how to work on mine. If I ever get a flat tire, he will have to show me how to fix it. Really nice guy, spent 1.5 hours working on the derailuer as the chain kept slipping, and the brake is off center, and only charged me $20. He said it's not "perfect" yet and that I should ride it and report back to him. Well, car repairs used to cost about $400 at a time, so I feel fine about this.

It's also nice to know that he is mobile and will come over to help next time there's a bike problem.

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