Reconnecting with my spirit, I move gracefully into the future, dusting off a myriad of dreams too long forgotten.
So many things I always planned to do "someday". If "someday" isn't now, then when?

11 December 2010

No posts?

I have not posted in a month!

I have been SO busy at work, created a 5' x 3' poster for a big seminar, mastered Adobe Illustrator to accomplish this. Got a roommate, but on the day the space was viewed the basement flooded, so have been really busy there.

Riding bike like crazy, maintaining weight loss, and coming up with a new business.

Still dealing with sciatica, can't wait until Friday night, come home and take meds and a glass of wine. Can't do this during the week as it messes with my bike coordination. TGIF!

Will write details soon . . .

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