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17 July 2011

Un-knitting, tangled yarn and motorcycles

Well I've been busy since December. I still ride my bike and catch the bus everywhere and do not want a car. I actually get car sick now, the roof is just too close to my head. I love being outside. The whole idea of making another car payment, plus insurance and repairs - close to $400/month - not even counting gasoline. I want one of these new trikes, to ride outside for longer distances and into the mountains - camping and fishing!

I have been knitting quite a bit, and un-knitting even more. Now I am a semi-pro at socks and just finished my 2nd pair. I will get some pictures up soon, as I find myself un-knitting and unraveling tangled masses of yarn all the time. Such a simple life.

So last night I opened a skein of "Socks that Rock" in Raspberry Moose, placed it around the base of my laptop instead of having someone hold it for me, and started rolling my ball.  At some point while I was rolling and watching Green Wing, the yarn slipped off the computer and landed on the floor in a tangled mess. This is a 360 yard skein - that's 1080 feet!

I finished winding the ball around 4:00 am this morning - it's gorgeous!

The sock pattern is called "Tangled Faeries"

Now I am casting the toe stitches on a size 1 needle and am on the 4th try.

If you find yourself stressing about the time and your anal perfectionism, you really should consider taking up bike riding and knitting. It' absolutely impossible for me to hurry anymore, nor be perfect. What a change and what a relaxing relief!

Knitting Serenity will start weekly knitting get togethers by the end of the month, and the Sock Knitting Classes will come soon after.

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