Reconnecting with my spirit, I move gracefully into the future, dusting off a myriad of dreams too long forgotten.
So many things I always planned to do "someday". If "someday" isn't now, then when?

10 November 2010

Week 3

I just love my bike! Walking actually uses less calories and it's harder. I can almost make it up the hill when I take the long way home. I have to walk about 1 block, but I've been finding out that if I just stop and catch my breath, which can take a few minutes, I can get back on and continue.

It's starting to get cold and wet. Rides are offered so I don't have to ride in the cold and rain, but I really want to. I am not stuck in the wilderness and if it's just too much, I can take the short way home, or duck into a shelter and call for a taxi. I have a very heavy jacket and boots, so when it's just too much for the bike, I'll walk. I really enjoy being outside.

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